Adelaide Street & Fanshawe Park Road

1595 Adelaide Street North
London, ON
N5X 4E8
tel: (519) 645-8868

  • Limited ready kosher meats available
  • Special orders service also available upon request, please contact meat department.
  • Small section of kosher dry grocery in aisle 1. 
  • loblaws.jpgLoblaws
    Richmond & Fanshawe

    Fanshawe Market
    Richmond St. @ Fanshawe Park Rd
    London, ON
    N5X 4E9
    tel. : (519) 673-6111

    • Good assortment of (Marvid) fresh chicken.
    • Frozen poultry, Cornish hen & turkey.
    • Lazer Yitzchak meats (assortment of ground stew, beef, inside blades, beef patties, rib steak, boneless rib steak)
    • Frozen hot dogs (Baldwin Street & Aaron’s best) and burgers.
    • Fresh Sabra salads.