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  • 9 Tips for Taking on a New MitzvahThere are so many commandments! Each one is so full of intricate details. So much to learn and do.... Read More
  • Midnight Conversations With My Infant and My TeenPart of me wants to cry from joy, another part wants to cry from exhaustion, while a third part... Read More
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In the beginning, a world of twos was created. Heaven and Earth. Body and soul. Good and evil. Life and death. Light and darkness. Those who chose Heaven abandoned the earth. Those who chose the body abandoned the soul. Those who chose evil destroyed life. Those who chose good believed it would only come with death. Until Torah entered the world. Heaven met Earth and the two embraced. The soul found meaning within the body. Good found purpose in its journey through darkness. And those who died will return to find truth in this world. Torah is a way of...
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