We are excited to launch "Rally for Chabad 2020" at Western. We thank you deeply for the effort you will be putting into helping us continue to provide Jewish programming at Western.

 Nechamie and Mordechai

Noa Rapaport & Ari Matchen -  Campaign Coordinators


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As you know Chabad is a non for profit organization.  All money spent at Chabad is donated by parents, alumni and students just like you.  There are many ways the money you will be raising can be used at Chabad.

Please choose one of the following options, where you would like to see your money go to.  


$218 - Matza ball sponsor for a month

$360 - Challah sponsor for a month

$540 - Kugel sponsor for a month

$720 - Gefilta fish sponsor for a month

$1000 - Roasted chicken sponsor 

$1800 - Shabbat dinner sponsor